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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January 2011 Announcements

A New Path for the Center for Culture and Sandplay

It Is Such a Rarity to have Time for Yourself . . .

While there are a great many continuing education sessions for clinicians, individual private sessions that are not therapy are often missing in clinician services.

Our space is designed specifically and solely for clinician consultation and supervision. With over three decades of purposeful cultivation of symbols, icons, cultural and sacred images, our work supports your creativity, transformation, and mindful, meaningful experience.

The Healer Must Have Time to Pause . . . to Honor the Healer Within . . . and Renew

Clinicians who come for individual consults often share how valuable the sessions are for increased personal insight, and how insights culled here ripple out to their clients. Exploration through symbols and metaphors engages the creative soul. A private consult opens the brain to perceive one's work and one's self in new ways . . . to nurture your creative energies, augment your perceptual sensibilities, and access the depth of insights within you.

Take a step out of time, a moment to see the world differently, to explore your inner world, and honor the great beauty and depth within you.

If you would like a private consult (not therapy), or if staff and colleagues seek a private retreat for renewal, please consider our Center. Renewal from a day-long retreat can last for months.

Private consults are for clinicians of any specialization; not only for sand therapists. Consults are set on a once-a-month basis. Each 90 minute session is $120.

IMAGINE . . . Another Way of Being

We honor the clinician's life as a journey for meaning, depth, and creativity. And now, through our new program, IMAGINE, we are serving those outside the clinical sphere.

A New Program for Non-Clinicians

IMAGINE is designed specifically for professionals, those in law, media, medicine, and the arts; scientists, writers, and educators. We focus on mining your rich imagination -- to break through blocks to creativity, re-conceptualize problems, and rejuvenate your sense of connection.

We welcome your referrals of colleagues, friends and family to experience Imagine. Imagine is a consult for perceptual shifts; it is not therapy.
For information, please email us at sandplayvoices@cultureplay.com

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Training Opportunities with Dr. Preston-Dillon

The Meaning of Symbols in Play Therapy
Virginia Association for Play Therapy
Presenter: Dee Preston-Dillon, Ph.D.
March Date TBA
Information: http://vapt.cisat.jmu.edu/

Trauma Healing Through Narrative Sand Therapy
(for Level II participants and advanced practitioners)
presenter: Dee Preston-Dillon, Ph.D.
Thursday, April 28th 8:45-4:00pm
Contact: The Institute of Advanced psychotherapy

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