“If you ever find yourself in the wrong story, leave.”
Mo Willems, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Dee Preston-Dillon, Ph.D.

Dr. Preston-Dillon is Founder and Director of the Center of Culture and Sandplay. Her life’s work with sand therapy as a projective process began in the early 1980s with research on cross-cultural aspects of Sandplay and her training under Jungian-based Sandplay Founder Dora Kalff.  Her full commitment to clinical sand therapy as a projective process grounds her sand therapy perspective.
A scholar and seasoned practitioner, Dr. Preston-Dillon has presented at over 40 national and international conferences on topics related to sandplay/sandtray including theory, ethical practice, and clinical best practices. Serving local agencies, her work supports clinician immersion to deepen the clinician insights and extend their capacity to resonate with client representations. Her new approach to work with sand,
Narrative Sand Therapy, emerged from her cross-cultural field work. 
Dr. Preston-Dillon provides
training, retreats, and private consults to clinicians, educators, and those in the creative arts. She is on the graduate counseling faculty at the George Washington and Johns Hopkins Universities, the Art Therapy program at George Washington University, and the Ferentz Institute.  

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