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Saturday, May 05, 2007

New Children's Therapy Book

from a network member...

Dear Colleagues,
I like to call your attention on my new book about the symbolic meaning of children's drawings.

"Draw Me a Picture. The meaning of children's drawings and play from the perspective of analytical psychology" by Theresa Foks-Appelman, Creative Art therapist and Sandplay therapist ISST.

BookSurge (April 2007) ISBN 978-1-4196-6201-0

''First printed in the Netherlands in 2004, 3rd print in 2005. "Kinderen geven tekens. De betekenis van kindertekeningen en spel vanuit het perspectief van de analytische psychologie."Publisher: Eburon Delft ISBN 90 597 050 4''

This book is a NEW tool for play therapists, art therapists, Sandplay therapists and teachers. The analytical psychology of C.G. Jung, the ideas of Erich Neumann and modern developmental psychology offered excellent guidelines in the search for the significance of children's drawings.

You can order now on Amazon.com

More on my website: http://www.childrendrawings.8m.com

Yours sincerely,
Theresa Foks-Appelman

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