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Mo Willems, Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Sand Tray and Sandplay: A Comparison

Hello Sandplay Colleagues and Guests!

We would like to invite you to view a Powerpoint presentation comparing Sand Tray Therapy to Sandplay Therapy. Created by Dr. Preston-Dillon, the slideshow begins with a brief history of each founder and concludes with a hint of Jungian theory.

To view the presentation, click on this link:
Sand Tray and Sandplay: A Comparison

To exit, close the new window that will appear with the presentation.

Please feel free to leave comments and/or questions about the presentation or issues within the presentation by clicking on the "comments" link at the bottom of this post.

As always, email us at sandplayvoices@msn.com with private questions.

Be Well,
Dee Preston-Dillon, Ph.D., Director
Loraine Hunsaker, Network Coordinator


Nuke said...

Greetings, all:

I applaud the efforts to reach into cyberspace with sandplay. I must say, and cannot stress this enough, that it is imperative the Center and Dee protect her good work though copyrighting, trademarking and the other provisions in US law for intellectual property.

Alternately, since lifting by cut and paste is so easy these days, I would recommend a clear statement of donation to public use of any suitable material Dee wishes to disseminate freely.

It would appear from this web log (blog) that Dee wants all who come here to read her ppt slides. Let's make sure that the opportunity for mischief is minimized by clearly indicating the property rights status for each item.

The internet is such a boon...and such a morass.

A former student,
Diane Kriemelmeyer

Loraine said...

Hello Diane,

Thank you for your words of caution. All works of Dee Preston-Dillon are copyrighted by US Copyright Laws. Any material on the internet is automatically copyrighted by its author/creator. Permission must be given before use.

I will consider putting up a notice, but it is each internet user's responsibility to understand plagiarism.

Anyone wishing public use must request it in writing. See www.cultureplay.com for more info.

Thanks, Loraine
Sandplay Network Coordinator

John said...

I do not agree with everything that was suggested concerning sandtray therapy and theory. I will comment on one particular disagreement. While it is true that some people may go to a sandplay workshop and begin using sandtray in their practice this is NOT an accepted practice taught by those who train in sandtray therapy. All of the experts who train in sandtray therapy make it very clear that you must do your own personal work and be trained before you use this method in therapy. It is impossible to stop people from using sandtray in their work after they have attend a seminar just as a sandplay therapist cannot stop someone from saying they are doing sandplay therapy and begin using the sandplay method after someone has attended a sandplay presentation. I know of many therapists who say they do sandplay therapy in their practice but have received little or no training in sandplay. It is the arrogance of the clinician that supposes they can use this method without being trained and having personal work completed. I want people to understand that it is not an accepted practice for those who teach sandtray therapy to suggest or even agree with others to use this method without the correct training and personal experience. Those involved in sandplay and sandtray therapy need to work together to promote and encourage appropriate training and personal work regardless of what theoretical method is being taught.